Rita Kimber reflects on silence at the Women in Black vigil

I can't say that my thoughts are always very focused when I stand with you all. There is always the checking of the time, the gawking at passing cars and pedestrians, etc.

When I do concentrate, part of me tries to imagine what it must be like to be a victim of war or other violence. I also examine my motives for standing there. I remember when growing up during WWII and later wondering how a whole people could be led by Hitler and swearing that I would not stand by without protest if in my time the country I called my own seemed headed in that direction. I guess that's been at the root of whatever feeble activism I've been part of these last thirty or so years.

Then there is also the spiritual part. Silence is part of Quaker Meeting, and in the silence we try to feel our connection to God or the world soul or whatever you want to call it. I do some of that on Fridays. Also, the same thing, I guess, trying to be an atom weighing in on the side of peace in the great universe.

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